Speigelau’s launch of the Perfect Serve collection

Glassware company Spiegelau pulled out all the stops when they launched their Perfect Serve Collection. Two events — a cocktail-making class at Eau de Vie, a party at The Everleigh‘s Elk Room — were held with the eminent German bartender who designed the glasses (and whom they flew in for the occasion).

Spiegelau Pefect Serve Collection launch

Oh, hey there sexy new glassware! What was that? You want me to make you a cocktail? But it’s only Monday morning and I have a tonne of work to do…okay, well maybe just the one Americano because you are so cute. And perhaps a little Old Fashioned to match your sparkling eyes?

It was definitely not your average start to the week as we entered the hallowed interiors of Melbourne’s revered Eau de Vie just before midday. But the dim light and immaculate set-up was the perfect setting for the Australian launch of German glassmaker Spiegelau’s new Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz.

A demi-god in the bar world, Stephan wasted no time in demonstrating how he has carefully designed each glass to fit his 5-3-2, alcohol-citrus-sweet rule in cocktail-making. See those fancy lines at the bottom? They are not just for show, rather, they help you measure each pour so that every drink is made the way it should be – perfectly balanced and ready to impress. Well played Spiegelau, I can’t believe it has taken so long for someone to think of this.

– Collette
When not practising cocktails and slapping mint Collette Swindells is a the director and designer of a Melbourne made maternity wear label AYLA Maternity. Want to know why she doesn’t like the word ‘entrepreneur’? Check her blog.

Spiegelau Pefect Serve Collection launch with Stephan Hinz

Stephan Hinz, designer of The Perfect Serve

The Everleigh's Elk Room

The Everleigh’s Elk Room

I used to live just down the street from The Everleigh, but I’m ashamed to say I’d never been to the Elk Room, their very, very cool function room. Vaulted roof and all, it’s decorated like an old-fashioned men’s club — antlers on walls (yes, including some elks), complementing a huge wooden bar on one end. It was the perfect location for the media launch of The Perfect Serve Collection. There we mingled with folks from David Jones (who will be stocking the glasses), and learned the proper way to say ‘Spiegelau’. In German, an ‘s’ follow by a ‘p’ means you say ‘sh’. Say it with me: ‘Shpee-ge-lau.’

We were treated to a Q&A with the man himself, Stephan Hinz. He flew from Germany for a few days to launch the collection. This man knows his stuff (he runs world-famous bar Little Link in Cologne). He’s taken so much time and care in the design, and it really showed. Plus, for being one of the top bartenders in the world, he was super-duper nice. Perhaps it helped that I spoke some of my baby-level German to him?

We utilised the entire Perfect Serve collection with cocktails made by The Everleigh’s wonderful staff. Rukmal and I meant to try each of them, but we didn’t quite make it through the entire list. I managed to drink the ‘Bangkok Mule’ — vodka with kaffir lime, lemongrass, lime, and ginger beer, served in a Perfect Serve D.O.F. glass. Then there was the Tommy’s Margarita, bright yellow from the tequila, lime, and agave, perfectly presented in a Perfect Serve Coupette. I’ll say the word one more time: it was perfect.

Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa plans on making a visit to Little Link for a drink with Stephan the next time she’s in Germany.

Rukmal and Theresa

Rukmal and Theresa

These are fancy glasses — items real adults have in their homes to serve fancy drinks to their well-heeled friends. Believe me, you’ll feel more sophisticated sipping out of one. And you can think Stephan Hinz from Germany as you do.

Learn more about The Perfect Serve Collection on Spiegelau’s website, and purchase The Perfect Serve Collection at David Jones.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Black Communications.
Photo credit: Black Communications.