World Margarita Day with the Melbourne Margarita Crawl

As if we really needed an excuse to drink margaritas? But okay, here it is – World Margarita Day. It happened one quiet little Monday across some of Melbourne’s finest drinking holes: Nieuw Amsterdam, Mesa Verde and Touche Hombre. Sponsored by Cazadores, each location was challenged to create a unique cocktail and snack combination.

Ours, at Nieuw Amsterdam, was aptly named ‘Mango Unchained’ and left a tangy buzz on the lips when served with melted pimento cheese fritters. If the Mexican ‘gypsy curse’ about drinking on Monday is true, we definitely want to come back every night for this spicy treat!

Until next year…

– Collette
Collette Swindells is a writer, designer and wanderer who still turns down the wrong end of Hardware Lane every time she visits, and occasionally drives into four lanes of oncoming traffic. She blames baby brain, but she’s not pregnant – just running a maternity wear label – AYLA Maternity.