January monthly wrap: Scribble Salon and flying chickens

So many great things happen in Melbourne that it’s all we can do to keep up! We’ve dedicated our monthly wrap series to highlighting some of our favourite events that happen each month. Here are our selections from January 2016:


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Scribble Salon

I attended an intimate evening of words and music at the Scribble Salon hosted by the team at Scribble Creative. An impressive line-up of artists presented readings and musings on ‘words about music and music about words… how they overlap and intersect, how our love of each informs our love of the other’ at the Pozible HQ in Collingwood.

Highlights of the evening included a raw and personal reading by writer Shakira Hussein on a story about family, forbidden love and death; and a hilarious and poignant poem performed by Jess Knight called ‘My First Ex-Boyfriend And A Band Called Bloc Party”.

It was a gentle evening, offering an introduction to some lovely local writers. My +1 and I even spontaneously did performances in their open mic section.

Janie Gibson is an actor, writer, theatre-maker, and teaching artist. She is currently developing a performance for the Next Wave Festival in Melbourne.

Scribble Creative next event is their Creative Women Dinner on 27 February. Follow then on Facebook.

Chickenchute at Belleville

Is there anything more Melbourne that parachuting chickens off a roof into a laneway? I’ll break that down for you again: friend chicken, placed in boxes inside paper bags, were parachuted off of a rooftop onto a laneway in the CBD. Hordes of hungry people gathered, watching and cheering as each chicken made its way down. (And groaning if the parachutes got caught on metal bits sticking off of the wall. Several parachutes are probably still hanging there.)

This was the brainchild of Belleville, a hidden Chinatown venue that not only hosts great events, but is known for its amazingly tasty chicken. I can attest — some of my friends were the lucky recipients of the chicken floating from the sky. As we devoured it with our bare hands, I thanked my stars I know so many tall people willing to leap into the air (and even climb up a wall to rescue one of the caught parachutes). I just hope that Jaffelchutes makes another appearance this summer. There’s no limit to the amount of food I want to see attached to parachutes.

Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa was chuffed her friend won a $50 voucher. Now he just has to live up to his promise to take her back to Belleville.

Belleville Melbourne
Globe Alley, Melbourne VIC 3000

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IlLJmrgTPE]

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Scribble Salon.
Photo credit: Duncographic.