Ai Wei Wei at the NGV

Ai Weiwei opened an exhibition at the National Galley of Victoria which featured his works alongside that of Andy Warhol. This comparison of two iconoclasts is the highest-selling ticketed exhibition in NGV’s history, with 399, 127 visitors. Warhol documented the culture of celebrity, himself a dionysian participant. Ai documents the culture of authoritarianism, himself a dissident provocateur. The conflation of the dionysian with the dissident conveys, for today’s audience, a sense of Warhol’s provocation in his time. Of singular beauty: amidst politically charged works of Ai are tributes to traditional craft: porcelain petals, mosaic woodwork, and sunflower seeds.”
Taken during an arrest in Chengdu, the attached photo (untitled, featured in the exhibition) was first published on his blog.
-The Plus Ones
Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the NGV.