Wine Tasting Events’ Pop-Up Wine Soiree

We ventured down to Limor’s on a balmy Sunday afternoon to take in the tastes of a premium wine showcase. The team from Wine Tasting Events are seasoned experts at making sure that only the best are on display and this was no exception. It was their best of the best. The highest quality wines the team experienced over 2015, there were 32 of them…32!

In the sunny upstairs area of Limor’s we saw what had been laid out in front of us. I didn’t realise that the event was going to be free pour. ‘Oh my’, was me wishing that I hadn’t driven to the event. What was I thinking? I made sure to let the team know about my predicament and they quickly offered to help me by narrowing the field down to their top five. The knowledge on hand at the events is exceptional and they’re only too happy to share their decades of wisdom.

The afternoon was a ton of fun. Attendees ranged in age range and wine knowledge but everyone was out for a good time. The layout of the space made socialising easy and in no time we were making new friends and swapping tips on what to try. The Brown Magpie Pinot from a Geelong based winery was my pick of the event – delectable.

The ticket price, $25, let you have as much wine as you could muster from 12-5pm and also gave you access to an array of cheese platters and charcuterie. You can’t really beat that in terms of value for money for a Sunday session.

Did I mention there were a couple of ciders on hand for good measure as well?

– Rukmal

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Wine Tasting Events.