‘Gin Sister’ at the Poppy Seed Festival

Welcome to the intoxicated world of bad relationships, narcissistic women, and giant leopards. ‘Gin Sister’ is a devised theatre piece that explores the many alcohol-induced situations that women find themselves in. Enjoy reckless, cheeky and drunken dancing as Trades Hall’s New Ballroom becomes indie theatre.

Alice Cavanagh, Jean Goodwin, and Emma Hall make up Man With A Plan. The three theatre-makers are entirely different from one another, yet complement each other well. With backgrounds in devising, fight choreography, voice, and of course acting, the actresses bring you special moments on stage. Some moments that I can relate to… wasted white girl dancing for one.

Alice Cavanagh, Jean Goodwin, Emma Hall - Photo credit Sarah Walker

Alice Cavanagh, Jean Goodwin, Emma Hall – Photo credit Sarah Walker

My favourite part of the production was the set. Shane Thompson, a recent graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, does a kick-ass job of recreating the essence of a boozy night. Instead of making the stage seem like the morning in The Hangover, Thompson creates a chandelier of suspended wine glasses with a color palette that matches the beige costumes.

The show isn’t as boozy as the title suggests. Yes, Emma Hall does drink her way through the liquid-filled glasses that are scattered across the flooring. And yes, there are drunken club-dance sequences, which lead to a full girl-on-girl brawl. But I have to be honest, the ‘question of why women drink’ wasn’t really answered (for me at least). That said, I was enthralled by the piece, so much so that I would more than happily see this show again if it were remounted.

– Amber
Amber Bock, a recent graduate of Performing Arts at Monash University hopes you enjoy her review as much as she enjoys writing.  

‘Gin Sister’ runs till the 6th of December at the New Ballroom at Trades Hall, Carlton. Book tickets. Visit the Poppy Seed Festival website for shows running till the 13th of December.

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