Fringe Review: Good Show – Robots, Robots, Robots

There’s a technical spectacle going down at The Loft that is well worth catching at the tail end of Fringe. ‘Good Show: Robots, Robots, Robots’ is a very enticing title for a show, promising two things one would come to expect; robots, and a performance that could pass itself off as above average. With the collaboration of such strong performers in the Melbourne comedy, impro, and theatre scene, (Sophie Kneebone, Matt Saraceni, Brianna Williams, and Luke Ryan), the expectations were certainly high. Were there Robots? Yes. The quality of the show? Slick, tidy, and professionally enjoyable.

Sketch shows can be hard to pull off, but thankfully ‘Good Show’ has a grand variety of scenes intertwined through the topic of our future reliance on technology and the consequences thereof. A lot of thought has gone into the creation of this show, both in terms of humourous futuristic antidotes, and scenes that are driven more towards character and genre play. Funnily enough, (being a show about technology), it is the role of the technical aspects of the show that really cement an overall impression of a very slick production. My theatrical side always feels concerned when film or multi-media aspects are introduced into a live performance, but never have I seen it integrated so smoothly and ingeniously as it has been in this particular show.

From the power of the opening credits to the backdrops and interactive screens, this was a clearly polished show. As always, there is a sprinkling of audience participation, and the outset explanation that the show and content may evolve through the audience reactions to the sketches, (which I have to admit was the one aspect of the show I didn’t quite fully understand), leading to a show mixed with strong performances and content, as well as moments of fun and unexpected play within the actors themselves.

If you were to ask me if I had a favourite sketch, then the answer is yes. To mention it here would spoil a show for you that still has a few more days for you to see it for yourself, which I highly recommend.

– Corey
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based actor, writer, improvisor and comedian with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

‘Good Show: Robots, Robots, Robots’ opened on the 26th of September, and runs from the 29th of September until the 3rd October, 6:45pm (60mins) at The Fringe Hub, The Loft, Lithuanian Club. The venue is not accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ‘Good Show’.