Fringe Review: Boys Boys Boys

‘Boys Boys Boys’ is a one-woman cabaret for single girls who enjoy going out there and getting what they want.

Armed with a few of my single friends, I sat myself on a comfy couch in the cozy, candle lit room at The Wilde in time for a 7pm sharp start. Nico (yes, that’s Nico with a ‘C’) opened with a heartfelt song about love — a game she then declared that she was definitely not playing. Dating, she said, was more her style.

The night was filled with stories about one night stands and love affairs from Nico’s dating life. Some were funny. Some were sad. One made for a very well-timed rendition of Lily Allen’s ‘Not Fair’.

While her anecdotes were told awkwardly at times, and it was a little rough around the edges, there’s no denying that Nico is a performer at heart. She has huge presence when she’s belting out a tune, and clearly loves spinning a yarn for the crowd.

There are a few messages to take away from Nico’s performance. She reminds us that girls should be allowed to do what they want. That it’s okay to make mistakes. And, most importantly, that boys are temporary, while a good over-sized men’s T-shirt will last forever.

– Emma
Emma Hardy is an avid reader, writer, and teller of tall tales. Her hobbies include petting dogs and sipping red wine; ideally at the same time.

‘Boys Boys Boys’ is playing at The Wilde until Saturday 26 September. The venue is not wheelchair accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Melbourne Fringe.