Fringe Review: Accio Adulthood

‘Accio Adulthood’ is a delightful journey into the heart and mind of a 20-something Gryffindor, who may be a grown up now, but refuses to let go of her childhood’s greatest love – Harry Potter and his wonderful wizarding world.

My plus one and I commenced our Melbourne Fringe experience for 2015 with a jaunt down to The 86 in Smith Street for an evening of magic, music, and merriment. Arriving at the venue, it felt like we stepped into the Gryffindor Common Room – rich red velvet covered most surfaces and hung from curtains around the room. We settled into our seats after a quick trip to the bar, and readied ourselves for a nostalgic experience.

Darcy Dann is a wonderful talent, with a light, sweet voice, and a sincerity and dorkiness that you can’t help but smile at. She regaled the audience with memories of discovering the books, disappointment at not receiving her Hogwarts letter, and tales of her wizard crushes through the medium of song, covering hits from the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and Rihanna, through to Julie Andrews. (She seemed to have quite the thing for Keepers, as both Ron Weasley and Oliver Wood making the list.)

The audience was also involved, with Darcy playing Perfect Match with one lucky Muggle who got to find out the wizard of her dreams, and a surprise sorting in which unsuspecting audience members got to try on the Sorting Hat and find out which house they were destined for. Darcy made an impassioned argument for Gryffindor, but took the time to highlight the positives of the other options, even putting a good word in for Slytherin.

If you’re looking for a nerdy cabaret show with heartfelt delivery, and a poignant message of friendship and love, then this is without a doubt the fringe show for you!

Sarah Cooper is a proud Slytherin from rural Victoria, who spends her hours acting, fangirling, and flailing. When she’s not making strange noises at people, she spends ungodly amounts of time on the internet, and helps run a Harry Potter meet-up group called The Melbourne Muggles. You can follow her on twitter @acid_intimacy.

‘Accio Adulthood’ is playing at The 86 as a part of the 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival, on Wednesdays and Sundays until the 30th of September.
This venue is accessible by wheelchair.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of ‘Accio Adulthood’.