Launch of Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens encompasses it all. It’s a cafe. A gallery. A cafe + larder. And the new permanent home of Speakeasy Cinema. It’s a place to relax at by day and return to at night.

Grey Gardens - photo courtesy Bec Capp

Grey Gardens – photo courtesy Bec Capp

Housed in a former gallery, the cavernous space is on Victoria Street (not Parade) — the street parallel with, and just south of, Johnston near Brunswick. Fitzroy’s epicentre, if you will. The Plus Ones got to check out Grey Gardens on opening night, and let’s just say we were impressed. It’s one of those places that will seamlessly transition. Art gallery openings. Movies. Events.

Founder and Renaissance woman Ghita is the mastermind behind Speakeasy Cinema, which has popped up around Melbourne since 2009. With its new permanent home (and chairs cleverly tucked inside gold mirror-covered boxes), Speakeasy Cinema’s curated list of arthouse films will be bringing all the boys to the yard. Ruki and I reckon it’s going to be an amazing space for corporate events that want a bit of a cool edge, too.

Grey Gardens

photo courtesy Lilmeled

head chef - photo courtesy Bec Capp

head chef – photo courtesy Bec Capp

The cafe section is towards the back and features Scandinavian-inspired food like open-faced sandwiches, aka smørrebrøds. The coolest part is you can order yourself a healthy smörgåsbord  of nibbles during any of the film screenings. None of this same-same popcorn’n’Choc Top stuff. (Not that we don’t love ourselves a good Choc Top.) I had a fab time bonding with the head chef over her love of pickling things, and she even makes her own quark. If you’ve been to Germany, you’ll know how good this version of crème fraîche is, and also how hard it is to find on menus.

Sign up for their newsletter, visit their calendar, or grab a coffee along with some ‘Little Edie‘ granola. It just wouldn’t be Grey Gardens without a nod to its quirky namesake.

– Theresa
A proud Fitzroy resident (and co-founder of The Plus Ones), Theresa is in awe of the creative talent behind ventures like this.

Grey Gardens
51 Victoria St (note Street, not Parade)
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Tues-Sat from 8am – 4pm (Cafe)
10am – 6pm (Gallery)
Entrance to the cafe before 10am is rear 51 Victoria Street, via Fitzroy Street.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Grey Gardens.