Wine Tasting Event’s Pinot & Yum Cha Extravaganza

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After a long week at work I was very excited to be venturing south of the river on Saturday for an event littered with some of my very favourite words in the title: rosé, pinot noir, and yum cha​.

The yum cha is delicious and it just keeps coming, so do what you can to make a dent. But make sure you leave room for the green tea and white chocolate dumplings for dessert. Stand-out dishes were the chicken san choi bao and the steamed pork dumplings, both of which I find are generally difficult to make and even more difficult to serve hot, steaming, and straight from the kitchen as yum cha absolutely demands. However, David’s manages this with ease and with a smile.  The variety is fantastic too; I was completely stuffed.

Photo courtesy David's Restaurant

Photo courtesy David’s Restaurant

Often wine tastings can feel a little inaccessible to those who haven’t studied French grape types to PhD level. However, this lunchtime affair was a breath of fresh air. There is space for you to make your own observations, and Martin is present throughout the event to answer any questions. But in general you are left to taste and enjoy with the food — which is exactly how I want to enjoy my lunch. The wines are also matched with the yum cha so the heavier, richer wines are paired with the fabulous deserts, while the fruitier and fresher wines are paired early on with the seafood yum cha.

At the price point you’re definitely getting value for money. Just make sure you turn up ravenous and you’ll leave full, merry, and ready for the rest of your weekend.​

– Jane
Jane Pendry is borderline obsessive about good food. Originally Scottish, she lived in London before leaving her job as a lawyer to pursue her passions for food, travel and writing. She can usually be found scouring Melbourne for top new eateries or sipping a long black while writing about career change and her own foodie adventures on her blog Follow Jane @lunch_box_diary.

David’s Restaurant
4 Cecil Place
Prahran, VIC 3181

Disclosure: The Plus Ones attended David’s courtesy of Wine Tasting Events.