Kellybrook Cider Festival

Kellybrook Winery is tucked away in the hills of Wonga Park which is just a 30 min drive out of Melbourne. On a perfect sun-kissed autumnal day the estate was literally golden. The annual cider festival was held over two days May 2-3 and saw people attending from all over town. I knew that this festival was going to be a winner from the moment I parked…in between the vineyards.

The winery is one of the few in Victoria that also dabbles in cider and they make a good fist of it. Scrumpy cider by the 4-litre proved to be a great value for money offer ($25) that people took to in droves. There was also a host of house made ciders on offer and wine tastings throughout the day, if you were so inclined. A personal favourite was the mulled cider which tasted like grandma’s apple pie and kept your insides warm and fuzzy.

The estate is gorgeous, lined with vineyards, trees that must be close to centennials and beautiful sitting areas. The majority of patrons perched themselves in front of the main stage where a raft of bands (two featuring the Kelly brothers themselves) kept us entertained throughout the day with their mix of folk and upbeat tunes. There were three music areas in total and a special area for kids — I did overhear one young-ling comparing the estate to a ‘princess’ castle’ which gives you an idea of the wonderland that this place is.

Look forward to the next festival and I’d highly recommend that The Plus Ones audience make the trip down!

– Ruki

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones attended the festival courtesy of Kellybrooke Wineries.