Shed Cinema

I was introduced to Shed Cinema by an Turkish friend of mine living in Melbourne. How she had been introduced to it I’ll never know, but boy am I glad she told me about it.  I actually don’t know how people get invited to the event, but people are welcome to join up via the Facebook page.

The cinema is based in Brunswick and shines during the warmer months. It’s hosted by two artistic film types and attracts a similar crowd. Don’t worry — they let in people like me and are a very friendly bunch. The idea is to share and mingle and the event has a very nice community feel to it.

The team had their first event for the year on Saturday 13 January and have many more planned.


The latest showing was mainly about Australian short films. I must say a particular favourite of mine was Brick Novack’s Diary. It is shot entirely using action figures and describes the colourful life of the substance-abusing protagonist.  Needless to say, I hope to have similar stories to tell during my washed-up phase of life…potentially just a few years away!