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Barringwood wines at VIN Diemen festival

VIN Diemen – Tasmania’s Finest Wines come to Melbourne

On a surprisingly warm and sunny Melbourne day, my Plus One and I headed to Pure South Dining to experience the VIN Diemen festival for wine and fun. The festival is a showcase of Tasmania’s fine wines and culinary delights. We were…

Scary Mother

MIFF 2018 Film Review: ‘Scary Mother’

Difficult to describe, a pleasure to watch. Sometimes, a movie requires patience. Watching Georgian director Anna Urushadze’s Scary Mother, I kept trying to pinpoint the film’s genre. I would think it was a drama about a stifling marriage, until it…

Veneziano Coffee Launches in Richmond

Coffee lovers, meet your new coffee haven in Richmond. Veneziano Coffee opens in the Veneziano Roastery headquarters with a trendy warehouse style café, tasting room, and training rooms. What more could a caffeine addict want? The River Street headquarters and…


MIFF 2018 Film Review: ‘Transit’

Tells the stories that need to be told Storytelling plays a crucial role in Transit, a film about displacement during wartime, directed by Christian Petzold and adapted from Anna Segher’s novel. There’s a scene in which Georg (Franz Rogowski), a…

Shift- Hallowed Ground Banner

Hallowed Ground-Australian Women Doctors At War

100 years of war. Many decades of suppression. The Australian women medicos we never knew across a century of war come vividly to life in Carolyn Bock and Helen Hopkin’s superb writing presenting their lives in The Shift Theatre’s Hallowed…

Leave No Trace

MIFF 2018 Film Review: ‘Leave No Trace’

The most intense bonds are often the most unstable The best movies tell only the stories they need to tell, with only the resources they need. Directed by Debra Granik, Leave No Trace is perfectly minimal. Based on Peter Rock’s…

waterslide bar cereal milk

Winter Cocktails at Waterslide Bar

Have you ever heard of a cereal milk inspired cocktail, or a black daiquiri? Yep, they’re a thing and you can get them at Waterslide Bar. You may have heard of them from the infamous Tinder Date cocktail, alongside other…

Electric Castle Festival 2018 – Romania

Personally, I would say Romania is an unknown quantity for most Australians. Beyond Dracula and historical facts garnered via Vlad (What We Do In The Shadows) most Australians wouldn’t have the foggiest about the country, the culture or the people….

Wilde Banner

MTC’s An Ideal Husband delights in its trip back to 1890s London

Book yourself a seat at clever Dean Bryant’s opulent period version of Oscar Wilde’s satirical expose of corruption and hidden secrets, An Ideal Husband. It’s so good to see late Victorian mores live on 21st century stages, finding that hypocrisy…