Greek Film Festival

The Plus Ones Guide

With a fantastic opening night screening of Alex and Eve, the Greek Film Festival begins! Be sure to check it out, and gain some insights into a fascinating and significant subculture of Melbourne. Here are my top-5 must-sees.


(Sunday 18 October, 6:50 pm)
In the Suburbs of Sydney's inner west, Alex; an Australian from a strongly Orthodox Greek family, falls in love with Eve; a Muslim Lebanese woman. However, Alex's traditional family wants him to marry a “good Greek woman”, just as Eve's family want her to marry a “good Muslim man”. The two test the traditions of their families as they pursue their love despite their parents' wishes. Hilarity ensues as the two families attempt to reconcile with one another. A certain crowd pleaser, especially for those of greek origins.


(Saturday 17 October, 2:30 pm)

To be free, to travel, forever learning, wandering. The draw of the road is an oft-touted escape from the stereotypical drudge of the 9-5 lifestyle, but can have its drawbacks. From India to Egypt, to Rome, to Britain, the Greek Roma people have known and followed the itinerant lifestyle since antiquity. In this documentary by Marina Danezi we learn about the struggles, and triumphs, the parties, and the occasional criminal escapade of a fascinating, and little known Greek subculture.


(Friday 16 October, 6:45 pm,

Saturday 24 October, 6:45 pm,

Wednesday 28 October, 7:00 pm)

A tale of strained relationship between father and son, this delightful film tells of a Greek holocaust survivor, and his long estranged son, reuniting for a road trip from Israel to Greece in search of a magician who saved the fathers life. A Greek prostitute joins the duo, leading to a film full of absurd and heartfelt moments, and spectacular scenery as they travel back to Thessaloniki.


(Thursday 15 October, Tuesday 20 October, 7:00 pm, Tuesday 27 October, 6:45 pm)

Yiorgios and Sophia are struggling to support a family of four while trying to run a small family business. Consequently their children's grandfather chips in with part of his pension. But when grandfather dies in sleep, the family is faced with a conundrum. They make a risky move by hiding his death, adopting another old man as their grandfather in an attempt to outwit the social security system, and keep the pension. A dark comedy with many meaningful moments.


(Sunday 1 November, 6:30 pm)

And last but not least, no Greek film festival would be complete without the timeless, multi award-winning classic, Zorba the Greek. In this cultural icon we trace the adventures of the boisterous, life loving greek man Zorba and his newly made friend Basil – an anglo/greek writer traveling through Greece to cure his writers block. As the two explore Crete there is love, betrayal, and of course the famous dance – the Sirtaki. One of the best known works of director Michael Cacoyannis this is a great way to end the festival.

This is by no means all encompassing. Take an interesting local perspective on the modern economic and social struggles of the country with the documentaries. Or perhaps you'd like to support a rising star? Then check out the Greek Student Film festival! Enjoy!

Disclosure: The plus ones were invited guests of the Greek Film Festival.

The Greek Film Festival runs from the 14th October to the 1st November 2015 at Palace Cinema Como.The venue is accessible.
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