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The Plus Ones’ focus is on authentic reviews of events and experiences. We tell you how great it was so that you can go.


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The Plus Ones love telling you about events. It’s a natural urge — they can’t help themselves. After several years of creating events and mentioning every happening in town to their friends, Theresa and Rukmal realised that there must be something to this. They combed through their respective calendars and realised that they’d been to a combined 400 events per year for several years!

‘Let’s just make a calendar and send our friends to it so they quit asking us what to do.’ The Plus Ones was born! After a very brief period of time, event organisers started inviting The Plus Ones to their events. Holy crap, the site was paying for their social lives. What a deal! But what more could The Plus Ones do? They could write event reviews and guides. Then people started reading The Plus Ones’ articles and recommendations — lots of people.

Things have changed a lot since the early days. The one thing that hasn’t is The Plus Ones’ sense of FOMO. Now with a small army of journalists and keen event-goers throughout Greece, we help event organisers and brands all over town.

Join our community on Facebook, InstagramTwitter & Meetup, and sign up to become a VIP. Come to events and make sure you say hi — we always love to meet our followers. And if you ever find events that we’re not across, tell us. There’s nothing we love more than showcasing a great event.


The Plus Ones Greece team:

Chryssa Krassa
Chryssa Krassa originally got involved with tourism in 1998, when she was appointed to organize the Philoxenia Tourism Exhibition – held on the grounds of the International Fair of Thessaloniki as one of its most important and visited yearly exhibitions. She offered her services for 13 continuous years on this prominent position till 2011 that she decided to expand her horizons and be part of the activities of a private company, Respond on Demand. This was the opportunity she was seeking to use her long gained experience and skills in promoting further the Greek tourism effectively, in a worldwide basis. Today, along with Maria Athanasopoulou, are organizing successfully the B2B Travel Event in Thessaloniki, for the fourth consecutive year. It’s a two-days event strictly for tourism professionals, with meetings between Greek hotels and tourist agents worldwide, in order to promote tourist destinations and get to know available opportunities of the field. At the same time, Chryssa is also busy promoting further the chain of Top Peak Hotels, to all available tourist agents.

Maria Athanasopoulou
Maria Athanasopoulou first got involved with tourism in Greece when she started writing articles in 2008, as an amateur but soon afterwards in 2009, she becomes chief editor of the online, non-profitable magazine Taksidi 2 Greece. At the same time, she participates to all activities of the electronic platform Respond on Demand as well as the website of Top Peak Hotels. She is a member of the International Association of tourism writers and photographers and participates with often articles to online magazines and electronic travel platforms.

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