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‘They Saw a Thylacine’ at The Malthouse Theatre

Third time’s a charm. I missed ‘They Saw a Thylacine’ at both the Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals (not to mention the resulting tour from their Tour Ready award). So I was delighted to attend the show’s opening night at…

Heartbreaker bar

The Plus Ones’ Favourite August Events

Ah, Melbourne. You’re just too much sometimes. From my very first nighttime cruise down the Rhine, er, Yarra (thanks to German beerhall Munich Brauhaus), to a night cozying up to NBA superstar Andrew Bogut, August was a month of highlights….

A Social Service

Review of ‘A Social Service’ at The Malthouse

‘A Social Service‘ premiered at Malthouse Theatre to a full house, and instantly set itself apart from any plays you’re likely to have seen recently. The stadium seating was on opposite sides of the room, with the stage in between…