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Glamorama: Fitzroy’s New Late-Night Destination

Brunswick Street’s bar scene was already eclectically wide-ranging, and it just became even more so with the addition of much-anticipated late-night party spot Glamorama. A whole posse of The Plus Ones writers were invited along to the grand opening party…

Steamphunk: Your new steampunk night in Melbourne

Steampunk. What is it, you might ask? It’s a 19th-century fantasy world where electricity was never invented and everything is steam powered (hence the name). A quick Google Image search shows all — think lots of gadgets and gew-gaws mixed with Victorian-era clothing….

Love & Dysfunction: St Kilda’s New Cocktail Destination

We’re pretty happy Reg’s wife talked him out of calling his new venture ‘The St Kilda Local’. Love & Dysfunction isn’t a pub, it’s a ‘Melbourne class’ cocktail bar on Grey Street. The name was borne out of an episode of Will…

Unwind at Bond Melbourne on Friday nights

I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment at Bond Melbourne. Walking up to nightclub in my heels and ballerina-style sequined skirt and stylish cream-coloured coat, I could have sworn I was on my way to meet up with Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte….

Heartbreaker bar

The Plus Ones’ Favourite August Events

Ah, Melbourne. You’re just too much sometimes. From my very first nighttime cruise down the Rhine, er, Yarra (thanks to German beerhall Munich Brauhaus), to a night cozying up to NBA superstar Andrew Bogut, August was a month of highlights….

Please Don’t Tell (PDT)’s Melbourne Pop-Up

Was this the hottest ticket in town? The sell out for Please Don’t Tell’s Melbourne iteration was ‘Fat Duck-esque’ and we scored ourselves a perch at the bar, so much excite! Six years ago, I ventured the hot new bar…

Chocolate Festival @ The Immigration Museum

Last Sunday kicked off the Immigration Museum‘s ‘North South Feast West’, a six-month journey of festivals, workshops and events that celebrate immigrant culture and food. The first of the festivals was the Chocolate Festival, which filled the museum with a…

National Trust – Pop-Up Bars

The National Trust is throwing open the doors to some of Melbourne’s most iconic venues for Melburnians to quench their thirst. Theresa and I were lucky enough to attend the vodka night at the Old Melbourne Gaol. At $40, these tickets…

Polēpolē – Opening Night

Does Melbourne have an East African inspired bar? I don’t actually know. Having grown up around Dandenong I know we have excellent food from many African countries. Having ventured to the West side we definitely have the authentic stuff. But…