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Glory Box La Revolucion

Glory Box La Revoluciόn: Cabaret Extravaganza

Glory Box – La Revoluciόn is the new season of the electro-charged freak show from Melbourne burlesque icons Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith. The Plus Ones were lucky enough to be invited along on Saturday night to take part in…

Fringe Festival

Melbourne’s Best September Events

Like a hibernating grizzly, Melburnians are set to emerge from their winter caves and leap into spring! Here’s what we can’t wait to experience: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (28 Aug. to 4 Sept.) – There’s so much fun to be had during…

Heartbreaker bar

The Plus Ones’ Favourite August Events

Ah, Melbourne. You’re just too much sometimes. From my very first nighttime cruise down the Rhine, er, Yarra (thanks to German beerhall Munich Brauhaus), to a night cozying up to NBA superstar Andrew Bogut, August was a month of highlights….


Twerks and Peri-perks at Nando’s V.I.P. Mill House Party

Nando’s is a safe bet when the hunger pains are real: tasty, affordable, and omnipresent. But nobody told me they also throw a damn good hoedown. The old Liberty Social club was barely recognisable following the six-month renovation job and…

Glow Festival

Glow Winter Arts Festival 2015 – Launch

After a great build up we finally experienced the ice skating rink-slash-shipping container entertainment hub that the City of Stonnington built off Chapel St! I had told myself in the lead up that I would not ice skate. No, absolutely…

Underground Cinema: Money

Money, fast money, 1980s money. That’s all we knew about Underground Cinema‘s event, ‘MONEY’. Needless to say, with my background being in finance I was curious. What could the movie be? Oliver Stone’s original Wall Street? Too obvious. Or perhaps…

Top 5 Secret Melbourne Events – July 2015

We’ve done some serious rummaging to get you through July 2015 in Melbourne. We usually give you our top five events each month – this time we’ve dug a bit deeper to find some things you probably haven’t heard of….

Best Melbourne Events – June 2015 Mid-Month

The Plus Ones go to so many events that a monthly wrap up just doesn’t cut it. Here’s what’s been on in Melbourne for the first two weeks of June 2015! Game of Rhones  100 vinos and an actual Iron Throne….

The Plus Ones’ Favourite Events of May 2015

May 2015 was filled to the max with art, tea, and shenanigans with fairies. You know, the kind of month that makes you realise all over again why you love living in Melbourne. Here are some of The Plus Ones’ highlights:…

Underground Cinema’s ‘PATRIOT’ experience

Everything about Underground Cinema is a surprise. The film is secret. The location is secret. All you know is you’re going to watch a movie, interact with actors, and that you should dress a certain way. The UGC team are masters at…