Running of the Weiners

You may have heard rumours that recently Hophaus held a dachshund race to celebrate Oktoberfest. I am here to tell you that yes, this is absolutely correct. And I was there, front and centre to watch those little sausage legs dash to victory and glory.

Dressed in the regalia befitting their adorableness, the Southgate shopping complex in Southbank was crawling in the most delightful display of miniature puppy cuteness. It was a stumpy-legged overload, and I was in heaven. my companions to the race day were my boyfriend and a scorching hangover from the Fringe Opening Gala. Word to the wise: if you overindulged in espresso martinis the night before, find yourself a puppy race the next day – it’s a guaranteed hangover cure.

Photo courtesy of Hophaus

The races themselves were phenomenal: just image little four-inch legs confusedly running the length between other just-as-confused puppies. I’d say on most counts only one or two dogs made a straight dash. The others engaged in a plethora of butt-sniffing , tail chasing, and running back to their owners at the starting line.

In between races was a costume competition. My personal favourites? Where’s Wally and Wonder Woman (is saying ‘Wonder Bitch’ appropriate when it is a dog?!). All proceeds of the day went to Dachshund Rescue Australia and officially opened Hophaus’ Oktoberfest celebrations.

Photos courtesy of Hophaus

Photos courtesy of Hophaus

Oktoberfest may be officially over, but it’s always Oktoberfest at Hophaus. They love their bier, they really really do. And I definitely suggest trying their mac ‘n’ cheese while you’re there. Now I’m not a beer (bier) drinker, but if this is how they open the celebrations in Munich, book me my flights now!

-Charli W. 
Charli W. is a creative writer, food lover, and Harry Potter aficionada in her last year of a History degree. She is sure she will find a way to combine these things one day, to great success. If not, she’ll pack up and become a bartender somewhere in the Caribbean with a fabulous year-round tan.

Oktoberfest is over, but there are still Dachshunds that need homes and rescuing. If you’d like to see what you can do to help or adopt, check out Dachshund Rescue Australia

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Fuller PR.