Circa’s Carnival of the Animals: beatboxing to aerial acrobatics

Circa’s ‘Carnival of the Animals’ follows a group of acrobatic performers as they journey to their circus home to perform. Along the way they take on the persona of a variety of animals, including butterflies, cats, chickens, elephants and frogs. This is not your normal circus, with a wide variety of performances on offer from beatboxing to aerial acrobatics. It was great fun, with my personal favourite being the aerial acrobatics.

image via Circa

image via Circa

It’s definitely aimed at the younger crowed, with up to seven performers up on stage there was always something to see, without it feeling to overwhelming for young eyes. A warning though, my seven-year-old thought he was a bit too ‘big’ for the show — but since he was dancing and laughing right along during the show itself I think that’s more how he felt after seeing the rest of the audience.

There are multiple showings every day right up till Sunday, and it’s definitely worth taking along your little ones.

– Dan
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Circa’s Carnival of the Animals runs until Sunday 4 October at Arts Centre Melbourne. Purchase tickets now. The venue is accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Arts Centre Melbourne and MB Publicity.