Kombucha brewing class with KombuchAID


With Geneva of KombuchAID and the finished product

My first encounter with kombucha was not exactly a great one. I was about 12 years old and all I remember was a vinegar-fuelled jolt as I tried a shot from my friend’s mum’s stash. Apparently it was good for period pain, I was told, a point lost on my pre-pubescent body. But years later, training for a marathon and unable to escape the cloudy brew in every café and organic shop in my neighbourhood, I found myself in a hot yoga room for a Kombucha Brewing Class at Bikram Yoga Yarraville… and I was pleasantly surprised.

Not only is it now flavoured with a range of great fruity flavours like blueberry, lemon, and ginger, but you can now learn to brew your own and add pretty much any combination you can think of. Full of vitamins, enzymes and acids that all help to detox the body, heal the gut, and fix your mind, kombucha can even be mixed with your favourite gin and vodka. Let the fermentation begin!

Collette is currently training for the Melbourne marathon and when she is not doing countless laps around Princes Park, she spends her time sewing up a storm for her Melbourne-made and sustainable maternity wear label AYLA Maternity.

Keep up-to-date with all things kombucha on KombuchAID’s website or learn how to make your own ‘booch’ with the girls at their upcoming Laneway Learning class September 1.
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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Bikram Yarraville.