Glow Winter Arts Festival 2015 – Launch

Glow Festival

photo via the City of Stonnington

After a great build up we finally experienced the ice skating rink-slash-shipping container entertainment hub that the City of Stonnington built off Chapel St!

I had told myself in the lead up that I would not ice skate. No, absolutely not – I have never done it before and I’m too old to learn. No broken bones for me! Then I arrived and saw the penguins. Yep, the small penguins- – designed for childern — that you could hold onto if you didn’t consider yourself a Mighty Duck. Hmmm…maybe it was feasible. Yeah, okay! As I clung to the side rail and grabbed a penguin (not from a small child) I started to progress. Very, very slowly. Why wasn’t I going forward? I needed a push.

There was fire, ice sculpture-ing, and a sweet DJ setup. I can’t wait to check it out during the nights where there will be live bands! Actually I would highly recommend doing a Hub/Flicks & Feasts combo. Go in for a skate at the Hub and check out a free movie at the Prahran Market which is two minutes down the road.

The Glow Winter Arts Festival runs until 24 August 2015. Make sure to get on over to experience the hub for yourself.

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