Erik-Yvon fashion launch

The Plus Ones love a good fashion show. And Erik-Yvon delivered exactly that with the debut of his new collection at Belleville.


Erik-Yvon fashion show – photo courtesy Timothy Treasure Photography

I always love finding about new Melbourne-based designers, so when a friend told me about Erik-Yvon I knew I had to check it out. His fashion line features vibrant prints on everything from tunics to leggings to dresses. The entire line is sustainably produced here by the Mauritius-born, RMIT-educated Erik.

Ruki and I hadn’t yet been to Belleville, which opened a few months ago. I’m now completely enamoured with it. It’s the quintessential Melbourne venue: enter via Globe Alley, off Little Bourke/Swanston in Chinatown; head up some grotty stairs; emerge into a huge venue overlooking Swanston Street. The designers kept intact some old features (windowframes scoured back to the original wood) while adding in modern elements (a raised DJ box). Everyone I talked to was wondering what the building used to be.

Erik-Yvon 2

designer Erik-Yvon with the evening’s MC, Art Simone – photo courtesy Timothy Treasure Photography

The bubbles were flowing, the crowd was some of the most artistic I’ve yet been around (in other words: I’m glad I did my hair in a funky style). But what I loved most was the diversity of models. With runways often being overrun by all-blonde lookalikes, it was refreshing to see beautiful people of all ethnicities. One model really got into it, shaking her stuff and energising the crowd — a celebration of life in the same way Erik-Yvon’s collection is.

– Theresa
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Theresa enjoys the ability of TPO to shine a spotlight on emerging designers. If she could go to a fashion show every week she would.

Donate to Erik-Yvon’s Pozible campaign by 16 July to score great rewards and help the line go into production.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Erik-Yvon.