Melbourne Comedy Fest: Best Female Comedians

WIN 4x double passes to our favourite female comedian’s performances. Get in quick – it’s ending soon!

This year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival is playing host to tons of great female comedians. Our reviewers have been having a field day at their shows and to celebrate we’re putting on a fun competition.

Emily Taylor: Backwards 
With inspiration and ideas developed from primary school children between the ages of 6 and 10, Emily Taylor’s show ‘Backwards‘ is a wholeheartedly entertaining show that delves, captures, and plays with the spirit of youth; turning the tables, on occasion, to touch on the inner child in each audience member.

Em Rusciano: The Motherload
Em Rusciano is an all-singing, all-dancing sequin covered comedy spouting babe. The Motherload is intended to take the audience back to their childhood selves, with John Farnham tribute numbers and flashbacks to parent-caused emotional trauma.

Emma J Hawkins: I Am Not A Unicorn
I had never seen a unicorn floating majestically across a stage. Now I have! The immensely talented Emma J Hawkins takes you on a journey of fairy tales and the life of the short-statured through her show, ‘I Am Not A Unicorn’. I had no idea what to expect when I ventured into the show. All I can say is that it was certainly different.

Kate Dehnert: Pony Yell
Review coming soon

“Kate is a postie in a land of dreamlike characters. She’s indifferent about delivering the mail and the pony she’s riding has a bad back. HOW WILL THE MAIL GET THERE? “