Comedy Fest Review: Emma J Hawkins – I Am Not a Unicorn

I had no idea what to expect when I ventured into this show. After watching it all I can say is that it was certainly different and different is good! If you want a break from the general beat of the Comedy Fest then this show is for you. For example, prior to the show, I had never seen a unicorn floating majestically across a stage. Now I have! The immensely talented Emma J Hawkins takes you on a journey of fairy tales and the life of the short-statured through her show, ‘I Am Not A Unicorn’.

Given it was her Melbourne Comedy Festival debut, I was impressed with her presence. There’s signing, dancing, audience participation and even food — if you so wish. I loved the set design in the show. No mere chair and water, but instead a fairly elaborate setup that proves to be a moving feast throughout.

Emma’s show is designed to demonstrate that short-statured people are people, not unicorns. Her strong acting pedigree is on full show throughout and she does a neat job of throwing the audience from light-hearted to heavy.

The show gives you something that you won’t experience at many other nights. It’s part theatre, part comedy and all entertainment.

– Ruki

I Am Not A Unicorn runs 31 March to 18 April at the Northcote Town Hall.
The venue is accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones attended the show courtesy of Emma J. Hawkins.