Comedy Fest Review: Emily Taylor – Backwards

With inspiration and ideas developed from primary school children between the ages of 6 and 10, Emily Taylor’s show ‘Backwards‘ is a wholeheartedly entertaining show that delves, captures, and plays with the spirit of youth; turning the tables, on occasion, to touch on the inner child in each audience member.
Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor

The characters and storylines are so potently researched and adorably performed that such a connection to the audience is never forced. A delightful hour of impressive sustainability and positive deliverance is the result.

Emily Taylor is masterful in her ability to deliver a wide range of characters that are so distinct in their voice and physical attributes. If you are seeking a more theatre-based exertion during your Comedy Festival outing then this is a show that deserves to be highlighted in your programme. You will not find any edgy material or quick laughs here; the content is played to a mix of comedic representation and truth, showcasing the enormous talent present behind the art of a one-person show. It really is an impressive spectacle.

– Corey
Corey M. Glamuzina is a Melbourne-based performer and writer with an avid involvement in the art of theatre and film.

Backwards by Emily Taylor runs 26 March to 18 April at the Northcote Town Hall.
The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Emily Taylor.