Comedy Fest Review: Stephen K Amos

Did you know that Stephen K. Amos’ greatest fear is shitting in public? After having the joy of attending Welcome To My World you’ll know that and a lot more. Amos is a Melbourne Comedy Fest stalwart. His material, though, is anything but stale. I have been watching his performances ever since he started coming to Melbourne and I can’t help but feel nostalgic when he weaves in a couple of old favourites.

Stephen K . Amos

Stephen K . Amos

Welcome To My World is a journey through Amos’ current life as a comedy superstar. He turns left when he gets on a plane. And a throwback to humbler times. Growing up in England as one of seven children. As always, Amos loves engaging with the audience (don’t sit anywhere near the front row if you don’t want to chat!) and thrives when you’re giving him something back.

I’m not sure if it was just the night, but he was uncharacteristically a touch off his game during the performance. There were a few missed punchlines and a bit of note reading which is the first time I have seen him do that. Given his talent, I suspect that he’ll bounce right back. To be fair, he’s putting on 20 shows over the festival so an off night here and there is to be expected.

Even with a slip up or two, Amos’ show had us rollicking throughout. He knows how to get the audience going. If you do want to play, make sure you’re sitting front and centre! One lad even got over his fear of public speaking… Amos is a special, special man.

– Ruki

Welcome To My World runs from 26 March to 19 April at the Athenaeum Theatre.
The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of BuxtonWalker Publicity.