Tea Workshop at The Travelling Samovar

For a city known for its thriving coffee culture, Melbourne also boasts an impressive tea culture. One of its main promoters is The Travelling Samovar, a gorgeous tea house on leafy Rathdowne Street in Carlton.


Teacups for the tea workshop


Fitting with its picturesque neighbourhood, the place boasts an idyllic courtyard, to enjoy the hand-picked teas, all served in their unique way, according to their style and origin. You can also stay indoors, surrounded by beautiful tea pots and sitting next to the fireplace.

The Travelling Samovar's back garden

The Travelling Samovar’s back garden

Flowers on the ceiling at The Travelling Samovar

Flowers on the ceiling at The Travelling Samovar

If you have boiled the kettle but still have some burning tea questions, such as:
What is fermented tea?
The best way to brew it?
What flavours should you look for?
The Travelling Samovar offers special tea workshops to enrich your tea expertise.

I got answers to all of these questions at a workshop on the Beauty of Yunnan black teas, plus lively tales of Tea Mountains in China, how does one become a tea master, etiquette of Chinese tea ceremonies and plenty of tastings. The workshop was led by author and tea explorer Peter Micic, who recently returned from the tea forests in Yunnan, China.

Time for tea!

Time for tea!

To learn more about the Travelling Samovar and its upcoming tea workshops, go to their website to sign up for their newsletter.


Lee Gal is an Israeli tea fan who absolutely loves living in Melbourne. Follow along with her on Naturalee.

The Travelling Samovar
412 Rathdowne Street
Carlton VIC 3054

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of The Travelling Samovar.