Supergraph – Melbourne’s Graphic Art Fair

We managed to score an early invite to Melbourne’s largest contemporary graphic design exhibition, Supergraph. The event kicked off at the Royal Exhibition Building and will run until 15 February. As I approached the building I noticed that a queue had already formed! I thought wow – people are super keen and this is going to be super popular. The first two assumptions were correct but I also later learned that entry for the first 50 people each day is free. Not that this should deter you as entry is $8.

The exhibition centre plays host to 48 of Melbourne’s creative design studios, each with its own flair and style. Needless to say, there is some seriously creative talent here in Melbourne. I loved the cardboard theme that is present throughout the exhibition’s design and the nice bar/DJ setup. The great design and use of the space shouldn’t have come as a surprise really…

Photo courtesy The Handy Studio

Photo courtesy The Handy Studio


What struck me is how the organisers have gone to the effort to make Supergraph interactive. For me, this makes it a pretty neat date spot. There’s a load of activities on offer such as pom-pom making, mass drawing tables, designing super paper aeroplanes, having your fortune read via tarot cards in the Supergraph igloo and a swathe of masterclasses. Girls? That would make a fun date right? And for guys you could use it as a little test ie does she stop at EVERY exhibit and want to buy EVERYTHING?!

If you’re lucky enough you will get your name drawn from the ballot which will see Tobias Gutmann’s Face-o-mat go to work to create a neat little portrait for you.

It’s a shame it isn’t running for longer but I guess that the designers have to work!

– Ruki

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of Supergraph

Royal Exhibition Building
13-15 February