Caribbean Pirates

The Australian Shakespeare Company is putting on a series of family friendly shows over the summer. The ‘The Wind In The Willows‘, ‘As You Like It‘, and ‘Alice In Never Neverland‘ are being held in the splendid surrounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens, whilst ‘Caribbean Pirates‘ is going to play out aboard old faithful herself, the Polly Woodside.

Going along to Caribbean Pirates I only had one question, would we get to board the ship? Yes! Emphatically YES, not only do you board but you go on a treasure hunt! Yay-yay.

Photo courtesy Matt Deller

Photo courtesy Matt Deller

Caribbean Pirates doesn’t follow the script of its more illustrious name-sake. Instead we are taken on a journey with six happy-go-lucky buccaneers, or ‘bucket ears’, as they do only what pirates do, search for bounty! As with a few of the Australian Shakespeare Company’s series of plays over January they are designed with children in mind. As such, my main criteria for evaluating them is how much fun the kids are having…bucket loads in this case! I love how the cast ad-libs as the kids shout out the most unpredictable things. Their interactions with the little ones clearly add to the experience and had most of the grown-up kids in hysterics at some stage.

Photo courtesy Matt Deller

Photo courtesy Matt Deller

I thoroughly enjoyed Larry’s transformation into Sally (you have to go watch it to understand this) and the ensuing sword fight with Captain Cutthroat. Captain Cutthroat? The play’s villain, who would have guessed with a name like that! Doru Surcel pulls off a Captain Hook style persona nicely and is a force to be reckoned with throughout the show.

The show is designed for all ages. There were toddlers and +10s and there’s something in it for the adults too. Not to mention lots of sing-alongs and interactions. Warning, this song is extremely catchy. I found myself humming it at a party a couple of days after!

Aye aye Captain
Let’s sail ho
Hoist the Jolly Roger just for show
We are pirates through and through
We’re gonna fight fight fight for you!

~ Ruki

WHEN: Shows run until 24 January. Check the website for details.
WHERE: 21 South Wharf Promenade, South Wharf
PRICE:  Single tickets, $25, Family of four (1 ticket admits four people of any age) $90

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the Australian Shakespeare Company.