Lucha Libre – Mexican Wrestling

I hadn’t heard of Mexican wrestling in Melbourne before and when I did, naturally I was keen to check it out. The event is put on by the Lucha Libre in Australia society and is held in The Hi-Fi Bar. I have been to Hi-Fi before and couldn’t logistically see how a wrestling event could work there! My fears were quickly assuaged as I entered.

The ring was set up, the wrestlers were mean, and the crowd was amped. I was surprised that there was nearly 300 people there. How did so many know about it! The crowd was mix of Spanish-speaking diehards and walk-ins, but it was a surprisingly diversified bunch.

Photo courtesy Lucha Libre in Australia

Photo courtesy Lucha Libre in Australia

The wrestlers didn’t disappoint and showed us their skills. Colourful masks, antics, good versus bad and high-flying moves proved for a fun night. To boot there was also a mariachi band, hoola hoops and dancers.


Initially I was positioned in the stalls above the ring, but went down for a ring side seat in the second half for the main event. Only then did I appreciate the effort that went into some of the moves, not to mention the size of these guys – they are huge!

Photo Courtesy Lucha Libre Australia

Photo Courtesy Lucha Libre  in Australia

It was a crowd pleasing night and I am glad that I went. If you want to do something different in town then a night with the guys at Lucha Libre will get you there!

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Disclosure – The Plus Ones were at Luch Libre: The Fight for La Plaza courtesy of Lucha Libre.