Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Darren Walsh

If you like a show which lurches around at a very fast pace with non-stop puns and gags then Darren Walsh is your man.

Recent appearances on TV and radio, plus Dave TV joke of the year in 2015, Darren is fast growing his reputation as a go-to guy at the festival for puns and witty one liners.

The scene is set that we are on a round the world flight and Darren regularly corresponds with the pilot of the plane we are on, which is a video screen display of Darren as a pilot.  So the timing has to be spot on as there are regular monologues and conversations between the two of them.

Interactivity is the name of the game.  The pilot regularly is summoned to advise what countries we are currently flying over which gives Darren the chance to tell a series of one-liners about those countries.  What is more impressive is when he goes around the room asking the audience where they took their last holiday, and then proceeds to tell quips unplanned about these destinations.

To continue the aeroplane theme Darren has created ‘in-flight entertainment’ a series of videos he has produced which we see during the course of the show.  As a member of the audience tells him (during the show!) the quality and the styling of these is incredibly high and wonderfully professional, demonstrating how much time and preparation Darren has placed into creating a wonderful interactive show.

A lot of it is gloriously silly, and some puns are greeted with a groan, which certainly makes Darren smile as he says “That’s my fourth favourite joke in the whole show!”

A further aside is where we see Darren tweeting personalities such as Donald Trump and OJ Simpson with some of his witty puns.

Its fast, its interactive, and it’s a lively early evening show to kick-start a Fringe evening.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the performer.