Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018: Nick Page

Nick Page stresses quite early on that its very hard for him to sympathise with the worlds current problems because he’s white, middle class, middle aged, living in middle England.  Correction, he’s white, middle class, middle aged, living in middle England with a ride on lawnmower. Correction, two ride-on lawnmowers. In a nutshell he’s able to pinpoint a large majority of the UK populations stance on current affairs with a sigh and an ‘it won’t happen to me’ stance.  Only difference between Nick and the majority of the UK population is Nick can deliver the message in a much more entertaining manner than you would receive from your average little Englander.

You may have heard of Nick Page, he appeared on Britains Got Talent, and he won an award at last years Fringe so he is fast building a reputation on the scene.  This is evident with his laid-back style and how quickly he builds a rapport with the room with his honest dialogue and gently built routines. He’s also a brave comedian – An Englishman making comment at the Fringe about the Scottish Independence issue brought some gasps and the predominantly Edinburgh based crowd clearly didn’t share his viewpoint but be brought the crowd back with some self-depreciating observations about how the English would react to the Scots obtaining independence.

Overall, when summing himself up, he stated “I’m the kind of man that if you came to visit my house I’d ask how you got here, which route did you take, then suggest a better one and possibly dig a map out.”  I can verify this as he was greeting the audience as they arrived and in conversation we mentioned we had another show to dash to straight after his and he proceeded to issue instructions about the quickest way to get there!  

This was an enjoyable hour at the Fringe and the time Nick is on, 4.50pm, I would say he’s a good way to kick start your Fringe evening.

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Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited guests of the performer