Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

An absolute must for nature lovers, the Wildlife Photographer of the year display in the National Museum of Scotland is a stunning display of photographs that had been submitted for the prestigious award, displayed in a manner designed to bring out the sheer beauty and drama captured by the snappers.   Displayed in a darkened room with the pictures lit up akin to a series of TV screens on the wall, you can lose yourself for a very long time staring at the array of wildlife on display taken by some of the most dedicated and skilful photographers you will ever witness.

The back story to all the photographs taken highlights why these pictures should be celebrated.  The pictures were taken in all manner of precarious situations. Swimming underwater with sharks.  Lying on seabeds for hours on end waiting for the millisecond of opportunity. Hardy arctic conditions in close proximity to some very angry looking bears.  Stiff still movements to capture close ups of insects. You will be staggered when you realise some of these pictures were entered in the junior section and some of the photographers are under 15 years old.


There are pictures that will cause you to be genuinely moved.  There are a series of photographs highlighting injured and dead rhinoceroses, mutilated and murdered for their ivory.  Some touching pictures of a baby rhino, minus its horn, lovingly nursed back to health, its carer caught on frame providing a loving hug to the distressed animal.

Pictures highlighting the environmental plight of the planet are expertly documented too.  The picture that remains in my image is a sea horse clinging steadfastly onto a cotton bud highlights the havoc of our waste mingling into the natural habitats of at risk members of the animal kingdom.

To lighten the mood there are some pictures that lighten the mood.  The domestic cat, in all its aggressive glory, attempting to lay down some ground rules with a visiting bird of prey, is a beautiful example of that.

Beautiful, enlightening, striking, and memorable.  You can lose a lot of time here looking at some truly dramatic photography.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition runs until 29th April 2018 – https://www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland/whats-on/wildlife-photographer-of-the-year/

National Museum of Scotland – https://www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland/

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