The Argentinean Is Back! Edinburgh Fringe Comedy

2016-08-13 16.52.29-1

The fringe is in full swing… It’s a good, strike that, great sign when the queue for a PBH free fringe event winds up the hall, out the door and up the road.The Banshee Labyrinth was packed, people lined the stairs as Adrián Minkowicz aka the Argentinian begins his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe stand up routine.

Having seen Adrián perform last year I was excited to see where the show would go… Showing greater confidence in both persona and material, this year’s show is a similar sprightly mix of observational, political and, above all, intelligent humour. With reference to the current political climate, it is interesting to see an Argentinian, who predominantly works in the US, tailor his comedy for the Edinburgh audience.  Sketches are focussing on racism, immigration, Malvinas, Maradona & the “Hand of God” and his regular interactions with border patrols have the crowd in fits…

The audience were up for the challenge. With humour that make you think as well as laugh, he is definitely building momentum, keep an eye on this one. He’s going places fast.

Jane Pendry is The Plus One’s Director in Edinburgh.  She is borderline obsessive about good food. Having spent a year travelling she has returned to her home town to pursue her passions for exciting events, food and writing. Follow Jane at 

Adrián Minkowicz | Free with a collection after the show | every day at 14:20 | The Banshee Labyrinth – 29–35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG