A Fascinating and Delicious History of Porridge at the Edinburgh Fringe

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Pre-coffee and slightly bleared eyed in the bright morning sunshine I stumbled up the Royal Mile and into  the gorgeous surroundings of Cannonball House for a History of Porridge with our warm and engaging host, Carina Contini.

The restaurant itself is happily situated just down from the Castle and has been lovingly restored to create a very welcoming cafe clearly celebrating its rich history.  At 9am sharp we were ushered downstairs into a bright space with a mirrored central unit, whitewashed walls and bright blue highlights creating a distinctly 50s tea room feel.  You immediately feel at ease as Carina begins a fascinating history of the Scottish breakfast staple.  You will be taken on a journey from ‘gruel’ to ‘gorgeous’ while sampling several types of porridge from the very basic staple which fed generations of our ancestors to luxury versions with delicious chocolate and cherries. What comes across is Carina and her husband Victor’s passion for local, sustainable food which tastes fantastic. On your journey you’ll also learn about the history of the building you’re in as well as some lovely stories of Carina’s history of her family from Italy to Scotland.  I loved the idea that Carina inherited the family pots and pans while her sister was left the diamonds. Apparently this means Carina was loved more, that’s just how important food is in their family!

Even if you can’t make the event, Victor & Carina will welcome you into one of their cafes for porridge any time! I’m reliably informed that the only dish more popular on their breakfast menu is a bacon roll…

The event is littered with funny, warming and interesting anecdotes.  I would highly recommend this event as a perfect start to the day.  You’ll be stuffed full of our favourite Scottish breakfast and ready to face a full day of festival activities, you may even be able to face the gauntlet of flyering on your way back down the High Street…

Jane Pendry is The Plus One’s Director in Edinburgh.  She is borderline obsessive about good food and yoga.  After a year galavanting around the world, she has returned to her home town to pursue her passions for exciting events, food and writing.


A History of Porridge/ Victor & Carina Contini Cannonball Restaurant/ Royal Mile/ Edinburgh

Running everyday until 31 August/09:00-09:45 (£15/£9.50/£8)

Disclosure: The Plus Ones were invited as kind guests of Victor & Carina Contini