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Video on Facebook generates awareness at the lowest cost point and enables you to build audiences based on how long they viewed your content. 

Video Becomes A Strategic Priority For Facebook

Late in 2014 Facebook decided to make video a priority for its platform. The data showed that people engaged more with video than static content, competitors (Youtube, Periscope – what happened to that? Snap) were there so the higher-ups decided that video was the way of the future. It makes sense, we’re humans and we like to see/experience/immerse ourselves in what people are talking about rather than read or hear about it. For mine, video helps to build more trust. If I see a business owner talking about their passion and how they help clients it makes bridging the trust gap easier.

Create Audiences Of People That Watch A % Of Video

To aid businesses using video content, Facebook now allows advertisers to create audiences of people that watch a percentage of a video. As a business, this is a huge boon and provides a valuable way to create awareness and large audiences from scratch. The game changer here is being able to target people that watch a percentage of video. It’s no use trying to target anyone that ‘watches’ your video. Facebook videos auto play! You don’t want to target people that accidentally watched three seconds of your video you want to target people that are genuinely interested in your messaging. If someone watches three minutes (three whole minutes on FB?! Does anyone do that…) of your video, you can bet they have some interest in your message.

These are the people that you want in your re-targeting audience. We tend to use a 25% rule ie create audiences of people that watch 25% or more of video content that you promote.


Cost Of Video

In line with its desire to promote video across the platform, Facebook also enables you to reach large audiences at a song when you use video views as your objective. Think between 1-5 cents (yep, cents) per view. In the past, this was a bit of a furphy because a view was largely a lot of bull and you needed to get people to click through to your site to capture them with your Facebook pixel. This kind of sucked – you would spend your few cents for a view and then see that it cost $2 to get someone to click to your site. As such, using the ‘website clicks’ objective tended to be better for most people.

Video cost - Facebook

When to use video

Video tends to be our first port port of call when it comes to campaigns and top of the sales funnel work. Picture the funnel like this for a campaign that has $500 behind it and is designed to bring new people into your orbit:

– Target a lookalike audience ex your page followers, site traffic etc
– Video costs 2.5c per view
– Reach of 25,000 (500/0.025)
– Of those 25,000, around 2,000 watch 25% or more of your video

Those 2,000 people have meaningfully engaged with you, are now a part of your new re-targeting audience and ripe for further messaging. Is there a more effective way to acquire new leads? If so, we need to know about it!

Don’t have any video editing skills? The internet has made that easy for you with a ton of free video editing tools.

Video best practice 

When using video creatives on Facebook we always advise a few things:

1) make sure the video subtitled – people watch these on silent, when they’re on public transport, in toilets and during meetings. The majority of time they won’t hear all of your great voice over work.

2) put a watermark on the video – remember videos generally form the start of an awareness campaign. Having a watermark with your brand logo, important dates, notes that is present in the top left throughout the duration of a video will give people a quick reference point. As a neat side benefit, it will also make it a touch trickier for someone else to nick your video.

3) showcase your product or service – people like to see other (real) people making use of whatever it is you’re marketing. Whether it be an experience, product or service demonstrate to people why it will benefit them using video.

Over to you – give video a try!

– Rukmal
Co-founder of The Plus Ones, Rukmal lives and breathes digital marketing. 

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